women and men

engineers, researchers, research technicians

They are the ones who speak the best about their profession: the words of researchers.

With multidisciplinary expertise as well as unparalleled research and testing resources, RICE’s teams have remarkable assets to support the efforts necessary for the energy transition.

Our experts support the most basic as well as the most advanced scientific and technical skills in the gas sector. They cover a wide spectrum, ranging from quality, gas counting and detection, to risk control and human and social sciences, materials sciences, applied mathematics and modelling of energy systems, to name but a few.

Building on their strengths, our talents grasp and analyze on-going phenomena to design and develop appropriate technical responses to major transformations in the energy sector as a whole.

Each year, our teams are also reinforced by fifteen or so work/study placements and many trainees at the end of their studies; our researchers leverage these bonds with the engineering schools to draw inspirationand train future talents in the sector.