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The Bureau de Normalisation Gazière celebrates its 50th anniversary ! Zoom on this essential structure in the French gas panorama

The Bureau de Normalisation Gazière has been developing and managing standards for the French gas industry for more than 50 years, both in the areas of gas uses and gas infrastructures.

It met at the end of September for its annual Plenary Meeting, and its news was rich after two years of remote exchanges !

Annual Plenary Meeting (APM)

On September 29, the Annual Plenary Meeting of the Bureau de Normalisation Gazière (BNG) was held at the Hotel Bel Ami, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

On this occasion, the BNG permanent staff presented the results of the activities of the standardization committees under the aegis of the BNG and the assembly validated the work programs for 2023.


Round tables were also organized around three current topics. For GRTgaz, Frédéric VULOVIC (Technical Department) and Alice VATIN (RICE) testified respectively on the progress of standardization work on the metering of new gases and on the harmonization of Gas Quality in Europe.

– Round Table 1: Impact of the introduction of renewable gases on standardization work (H2, Biomethane, …) – Speakers: T. Speakers: T. MULLER (GRDF), P. MILIN (ENGIE), F. VULOVIC (GRTgaz), N. MOSTEFAOUI (CETIAT)

– Round Table 2: Diversity of gas supplies: impact on infrastructure and equipment – speakers: A. VATIN (GRTgaz-RICE), S.DUBOIS-DU-BELLAY (TOTAL), P. BRUHAT (EVOLIS), JF. MARIE (UNICLIMA)

– Round Table 3: Employment/Training Gas and standardization – Speakers P. LESOIL (ENGIE) [Engagement de Développement de l’Emploi et des Compétences (EDEC) de la filière des gaz, de la chaleur et des solutions énergétiques associées] and V. APIED (MTECT – Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion) [normalisation au service de la performance et de l’innovation des organisations (NPIO)]


Appointment of Alice VATIN

During the RPA, our collaborator Alice VATIN was renewed in her mandate as president of the BNG Infrastructure Coordination Group (BNG-I)! She was also approved as the new chair of the BNG 234 standardization committee on gas infrastructures, replacing Jacques DUBOST (ENGIE).


BNG’s 50th Anniversary and Awards Ceremony

The RPA was followed by an evening for the 50th anniversary of the BNG. An evening that was long awaited, postponed by the various successive waves of the health crisis. Indeed, as the BNG was created in 1970, the assembly gathered that evening technically celebrated the 52 years of the organization!

Two prestigious guests, Yannick ONFROY, former president of the BNG and Daniel HEC, former secretary general of Marcogaz, spoke about the highlights of the BNG before the guests gathered, at the invitation of Philippe SCHÖNBERG (GRDF), current president of the BNG, to blow out the candles of the cake made for the occasion.


During the evening, the 2022 Gas Standardization Award was presented to Alice VATIN (GRTgaz – RICE) and Nourreddine MOSTEFAOUI (CETIAT) for their continuous commitment and active participation in the Standardization work.


Alice VATIN participates in the European work on gas quality within CEN/TC 234/WG 11 and is a member of several European and international standardization technical committees on gas quality and gas analysis aspects (CEN/TC 408, ISO/TC 193). At the French level, she is President of the BNG Infrastructure Coordination Group (BNG-I) and President of the French standardization committee on gas infrastructures (BNG 234).

From left to right:
– Thierry MONAT (Standardization engineer)
– Christophe ERHEL (Standardization engineer)
– Benoit CHARLOT (Technical Director BNG)
– Nourreddine MOSTEFAOUI (CETIAT – President of BNG-U)
– Stéphane ROSSATO (Standardization engineer)
– Alice VATIN (GRTgaz-RICE – President of BNG-I)
– Jean Claude MESLEM (Standardization engineer)
– Isabelle FORET (Assistant)






RICE receives COFRAC accreditation for its flowmetering benches in Alfortville, allowing the calibration of domestic and industrial natural gas meters
The COFRAC accreditation of these benches confirms the know-how of the teams and strengthens the position of RICE among the test laboratories in Europe.
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Publication of the ISO 10715:2022 standard on gas sampling, a collaborative work that RICE has led
On October 4th, the ISO 10715 standard : 2022 on gas sampling was published. The purpose of this standard is to provide good sampling practices to obtain a representative sample of the gas to be analyzed.
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