RICE has a long history of developing scientific and technical software in addition to expert computational and processing tools. Our employees model the energy systems and mechanical behaviors of the gas infrastructures, develop decision support tools for the optimization of gas systems and network computing, and simulate the dangerous effects of an incident

We can support studies specific to your engineering context: a large number of clients in various industries trust us to develop software that meets their specific needs.

For more generic needs, RICE can now provide you with decision-making software for today’s and tomorrow’s networks:

  • GADline and PipRep assist you in assessing the serviceability and repairability of your infrastructures;
  • PERSEE+ equips your risk control by modeling incident scenarios and their consequences;
  • Moovilys helps you automatically create standardized structure and infrastructure inspection reports;
  • RAMCES Pleiade allows you to conduct acceptability studies on your pipelines;
  • Gaspack allows the calculation of the thermodynamic and physical properties of natural gas using several reference methods, based on its composition and temperature/pressure conditions; it includes methods dealing with the liquid/two-phase domain;
  • Finally, Carpathe is an optimization and decision support software tool for modeling, managing and designing gas distribution networks.


Gas Chemistry