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Nova, GRTgaz’s new start-up incubator

The Nova by GRTgaz incubator aims to host start-ups that develop innovative solutions related to renewable gases, hydrogen, decarbonization of uses, industry 4.0, operational performance, safety or asset optimization.

The call for applications was launched this Wednesday, June 15 and will end on August 16, 2022. The terms and conditions are available on GRTgaz’s Open Innovation Factory website.

RICE will make its ecosystem and its expertise available to the future prize-winners, thanks in particular to access to test areas and the support of researchers for internal experiments.

“I am delighted with the launch of Nova, an incubation program that offers entrepreneurs the chance to find a place where they can experiment and grow. For some, it will be the springboard they could wish for to go further”.

Pierre Blouet – Director of RICE, GRTgaz Research, Development and Innovation Center

Find the complete press release on the GRTgaz website by following the link.

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