To transform its ideas and research into innovative products and services, RICE has two sites in Ile-de-France equipped with testing resources and a “Power-to-Gas” demonstration site at the Jupiter 1000 project in Fos-sur-Mer.

Thanks to these resources and the abundant skills of the teams, RICE is able to rise to the new energy challenges.

• Sibélius - Villeneuve-la-Garenne

In July 2019, RICE opened its new test site at the Chanteraines activity site in Villeneuve-la Garenne. Named Sibelius, this dynamic, user-friendly, inspiring and innovative-accelerator site has 6,500 square meters of laboratories and offices,facilitating coworking and creativity. In this High Environmental Quality certified building for tertiary areas, teams have shared offices with open spaces, zero paper and clean desks.

Doctors, engineers, project managers and technicians have 20 laboratories, 6 industrial workshops and 2 test pits dedicated to research and innovation in key areas for gas infrastructures and the energy transition.

Sibelius’ key figures:

  • 2,500 m2 of office and outdoor space
  • 2,200 m2 of laboratories
  • 1,800 m2 of industrial workshops

1-3 Rue du Commandant d’Estienne d’Orves
92390 Villeneuve-la-Garenne – France

• Alfortville

RICE hasa unique test station in Europe, situated in Alfortville (Val de Marne),allowing it to evaluate, in gas and air conditions, network operation equipment such as meters, pressure reducer/regulator, valves and safety devices, closing devices and odorization skids, at pressures of up to 60 bar and flow rates of up to 8,000 Nm3/h.
This site has two test halls,one for network equipment and another for flowmetry, with a total of 7 test benches (in gas and air) as well as a laboratory dedicated to IoT.

Alfortville’s key figures:

  • 1,700 m2 of test laboratories
  • 2,250 m2 of test areas (outdoor testing areas for various tests: biomethane stations, reverse-flow stations, tests on gas diffusion in the soil, etc.)

1 Route de Villeneuve Saint-Georges

94140 Alfortville – France

Jupiter 1000 - Fos-sur-Mer (13)

Jupiter 1000 is an industrial demonstrator of Power-to-Gas. Based in Fos-sur-Mer on a platform intended for energy transition, the facility aims to convert renewable electricity into gas for storage. Electricity is converted into hydrogen by two electrolyzers. A methanation reactor is also used to convert hydrogen and CO2 into synthetic methane. (CO2 is captured from nearby industrial fumes). Hydrogen and synthetic methane are injected into GRTgaz networks.

Commissioned in 2020, the site allows partners to test various facets of the technology (design, management, reliability, economy, impacts on downstream networks, etc.).

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The key figures of Jupiter 1000:

  • A 6,000 m2 site
  • Electrolysis: 1 MWe
  • Production: 200 m3/h, or 18 kg/h of hydrogen
  • Methanation capacity: 100 m3/h H2 – 25 m3/h CO2

Jupiter 1000 – Innovex Platform
13270 Fos-sur-Mer – France