Programme coordinator : Elodie ROUSSET

  • Be a benchmark operator.
  • Reinforce our credibility in relation to our energy transition commitments.
  • Showcase the sector through its environmental performance.
  • Ensure long-term gas industry existence in line with the expectations of society.
Major challenges over a 3-year timeframe
  • Reduction of impacts on air, climate warming, fauna, flora and soil.
  • Tools/methods for making our activities acceptable to the local populations.
  • Tools/methods for reducing energy consumption and recovering unavoidable energy.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint in gas industry activities.
  • Showcase the gas industry through its environmental performance.
  • Accomplish the least possible energy-consuming energy transition.
Major issues
Key results/Roadmap
  • GERG Project on the quantification of leaks for the distribution and launch of the subject for transmission
  • Tenore/Concorde Project.
  • Participation in the work groups on spoil recycling.
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