Programme coordinator : Alice VATIN

  • Develop ecologically satisfactory natural gas uses.
  • Preserve the volumes routed to the customers, while promoting cleaner energy.
Major challenges over a 3-year timeframe
  • Downstream gas uses (furnace/boiler/force industry, mobility)​.
  • Use of natural gas as raw material.
  • Understand the KPIs of the energy uses of our customers.
  • What is the current and future status of the existing gas solutions?
  • Support the development and dissemination of the high-performance technologies (sector) and growing uses (Natural Gas Vehicle)​.
  • Bring about breakthroughs for the gas uses of tomorrow
Major issues
Key results/Roadmap
  • Get to know and get known by the sectors (BE, technical centres, manufacturers, trade unions).
  • Identification of the threats/opportunities per sector  technological roadmap per sector + strategic targets.
  • Reference sheets on major uses and their performance.
  • Identification/prioritisation of breakthrough technologies
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