Foster the development of new efficient gas uses

“The development of more energy-thrifty and eco-friendly gas uses is a major driver for achieving the energy transition’s goals”

(Alice Vatin, Program Coordinator)

Speaker: Christophe TASTARD.

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  • Supporting the development and adoption by our industrial customers of high-performance and more environmentally friendly technologies
  • Develop breakthrough technologies for the gas uses of tomorrow (carbon-free hydrogen production, energy efficiency, decarbonisation solutions)
Major challenges
  • Gas uses for combustion processes (Furnace/boiler/power plant/gas mobility) and for feedstock
  • Industrial sectors, historic gas customers
  • Identify and disseminate the most efficient technologies to stakeholders (Design and engineering office, technical centres, manufacturers, unions)
  • Understand the technological changes and
    regulatory requirements of gas uses per sector
  • Identify, prioritize and support high-performance disruptive technologies
Key drivers
Looking ahead to 2030
  • Support and deploy solutions for carbon-free hydrogen production from natural gas
  • Support and deploy Carbon Capture technologies for GRTgaz’s industrial customers
  • Deploy disruptive technology solutions for low-carbon gas uses and energy efficiency
  • Support and deploy disruptive technological solutions for energy efficiency and gas uses decarbonisation
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