Programme coordinator : Pierre-Yves ROUSSET

  • Learn how to operate a gas grid with many decentralised new gas injection points.
  • Learn how to operate mutually-supporting distribution/ transport and gas/electricity/heat grids.
Major challenges over a 3-year timeframe
  • Grid interconnection devices (reverse-flow).
  • Simulation tools specific to the injection of new gases
  • Have an overview of grid developments, etc.
  • Develop decision-aid tools-models (grid operation and development).
  • Have the solutions needed to converge the grids (reverse-flow, IOT)
Major issues
Key results/Roadmap
  • West Grid Synergy project.
  • Gas/electricity interconnection study.
  • Increase in the instrumentation of the grids (Flowrate, pressure, gas quality, control of stations…).
  • Management of associated data.
  • Adapt accordingly the agile operation modes for the grids
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