Optimize infrastructure sizing and operation

“RICE is working to strengthen GRTgaz’s knowledge in its management and control of the Gas system, anticipate new market needs and bring gas network investment and operational constraints under control.”

(Marie Plateau, Program Coordinator)

Contact: Michel HARDY .

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  • Improve network management operational performance (enhance both fluidity and flexibility)
  • Improve network management economic performance (keep operating costs under control)
  • Strengthen GRTgaz’s position in the energy transition
  • Anticipate the need for changes and investments on its network
Major challenges
  • Size transmission and distribution networks
  • Optimize network operation support
  • Develop decision support tools, applied mathematics
  • Conduct scientific and technological watch about phase-in of the new gases
  • Keep models in operational condition
  • Provide scientific watch
  • Develop new prototypes and mathematical models
Key drivers
Looking ahead to 2030
  • Adapt mathematical models to the arrival of the new gases
  • Refine network modeling
  • Improve the performance of the operational software used for global network balancing
  • Optimize network sizing to support the new gases (bio-methane, H2)
  • Conduct studies to fine-tune calculations of the network’s saleable capacity
  • Propose optimal network adaptations to be in a position to accommodate the biomethane quantities targeted by that date
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