Optimize asset management, maintenance and infrastructure operations

“Our goal is to modernize asset management and optimize network costs, while maintaining a high level of safety.”

(Elisabeth Fleury, Program Coordinator)

Contact: Michel HARDY .

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  • Improve operating procedures and guidelines;
  • Sustain the supply and quality of functionality of network equipment;
  • Develop and propose new methods, tools
    or maintenance techniques (deferred or predictive maintenance);
  • Adapting network management by taking into account its ageing, equipment reliability and operational feedback in order to optimise trade-offs between operating and investment expenditure.
Major issues
  • Gas network infrastructures, all operating equipment (metering devices, regulators, compressors, pipelines, etc.)
  • Improve awareness of risks affecting the network during operation (cold issue)
  • Develop risk models after instrumentation of structures
  • Qualify equipment (metering and network)
  • Strengthen knowledge of new models
  • Adapt these methods to network issues
  • Develop software tools and/or new maintenance techniques
  • Conduct an audit on different types of equipment
    and creating databases
  • Assess and compare the adequacy of asset management scenarios
  • Develop tools to optimize trade-offs between operating and capital expenditures
Key drivers
Looking ahead to 2030
  • Continue to develop maintenance tools
  • Deploy more predictive maintenance across all network equipment
  • Validate network use of the new maintenance techniques developed
  • Develop the 2.0 reliability of all gas network equipment
  • Provide models and decision support tools for OPEX/CAPEX arbitrations
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