Prepare networks for the arrival of renewable methanes

“Renewable methanes, such as biomethane, are a key part of making the energy and ecological transition

successful, in line with the objectives of GRTgaz, France and Europe.”

(Dairo Ballestas, Program Coordinator)

Contact: Christophe TASTARD.

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  • Conduct research projects to ensure the harmlessness of the new gases before they are injected into the grids, while optimizing transmission costs
  • Support an ecosystem of partners to ensure compliance between network specifications and gas quality
Major challenges
  • New methanes: Anaerobic digestion (including microalgae)/ Pyrogasification / Hydrothermal gasification / Methanation
  • CO2: capture, transmission
  • Determine the quality of the new gases and carry out the associated impact study
  • Develop analytical methods with the best price-quality ratio
  • Qualify equipment, including systems (injection skid) for injecting biogas into the GRTgaz network
Key drivers
Looking ahead to 2030
  • Equipment qualification continuity (odorization, gas quality)
  • Optimize the design of the systems (injection skid) for injecting biogas into the network
  • Continue support for the development of pyrogasification and methanation projects
  • Demonstrate the potential of hydrothermal gasification of liquid biomass waste and residue deposits, underlining their potential for renewable gas production in France
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