Ensure the integrity of distribution infrastructures

“Helping the operator to optimize the operating lifetime of its network is one of RICE’s major missions”

Carine LACROIX, Program Coordinator

Contact: Michel HARDY

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  • Improve knowledge of the state of the distribution networks in order to optimize their operating life.
  • Support the operator in operational and regulatory excellence
  • Analyze field incidents and monitor international standards bodies
  • Respond to the operator’s operational need: from procurement to implementation
Major issues
  • Polyethylene resins (PE) and polymers, PE and polymer tubes, PE accessories, cast iron networks and low-pressure steel
  • Operational deployment (laying, equipment, operations and maintenance)
  • PE and corrosion field feedback expert assessments and analyses
  • Study the residual performance of the first PE networks, beyond the initial requirements.
  • Make diagnostics more reliable and analyze atypical field configurations
  • Boost reliability and thoroughness of non-destructive inspection and testing capability
  • Identify and qualify new resins
  • Develop digital simulation tools
  • Optimize cathode protection and understand upper-bound phenomena
Key drivers
Looking ahead to 2030
  • Comprehensive mapping of resins placed on the network and risk analysis
  • Changes in regulatory requirements to optimize and target necessary network revamping
  • Changes in technical requirements
  • Qualification of a new network maintenance, repair and inspection capability
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