Ensure the integrity of transmission infrastructures (excluding distribution and as they are currently used)


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  • Corrosion is a complex and evolving phenomenon, which represents a risk for steel pipelines.
  • Some categories of defects and some pipelines networks configurations are challenging to inspect.
  • The severity of a defect is sometimes overestimated due to multiple uncertainties.
  • Some defects still require complex interventions to be repaired
Major challenges
  • Development of approaches, models, criteria, tools, software, techniques, which cover corrosion prevention and mitigation, pipelines inspection and control, defect analysis and repair, and that aim to maintain a high level of safety over time.
  • Coating ageing management
  • Corrosion diagnostics reliability,
  • Corrosion protection solution development,
  • Reliability and exhaustivity of the inspection techniques
  • Onsite stress evaluation
  • Uncertainty management (especially regarding the material properties and the defects dimensions)
  • Analytic models with improved predictiveness
  • Numerical modeling tools development
  • Développer des outils de simulations numériques
  • New repair techniques development and new applications
  • Onsite material characterization
Key drivers
Looking ahead to 2030
  • Adapt the prevention and mitigation strategy to the specificity of the corrosion phenomenon
  • Detect and size more accurately the critical defects
  • Develop inspection solution for the challenging pipelines
  • Develop onsite characterization solution
  • Reduce the number of interventions on low severity defect
  • Reduce the number of complex interventions (pipe replacement)
  • Extend the scope of application for the repair techniques
  • Develop new repair techniques
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