Programme coordinator : Christophe OLRY

  • Demonstrate for PPE 2023 gas-electricity complementarity in the energy mix of tomorrow.
  • Develop expertise in forward and technical-economic modelling.
  • Consolidate partnerships to support a common vision
Major challenges over a 3-year timeframe
  • The energy mixes of tomorrow (gas, biomethane, H2, electricity, heat…).
  • The future demand and production cost scenarios
  • Have a forward vision of the energy mixes of tomorrow (gas, biomethane, H2, electricity, heat…).
  • Have consumption prediction models aligned with energy transition and climate change scenarios.
  • Have a cross-comparison of the new gas production modes.
Major issues
Key results/Roadmap
  • Forward studies directing R&D&I and supporting the gas operators’ vision of the future of the sector.
  • Provisional assessments
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