Develop a prospective vision for the energy sector

“Project ourselves into the future to better guide the present.”

(Christophe Olry, Program Coordinator)

Contact: Christophe TASTARD.

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  • Condition the future energy mix through demand and costs/return of production technologies
  • Build comprehensive and consolidated scenarios with horizons ranging from 2030 to 2050 to fuel prospective models
  • Take into account gas-electricity synergies in tomorrow’s energy mixes
  • Provide decision-making tools to guide RD&I and investments in production capacities
  • Prepare for tomorrow’s gas transmission network
Major challenges
  • Build future demand scenarios and production costs
  • Provide prospective technical-economic studies
  • Achieve tool proficiency and maintain active technology watch
  • Consider the impact of climate change on demand trajectories
  • Build future demand profiles (use transfer, energy efficiency, etc.)
  • Project the costs/returns of energy generation technologies
  • Improve the modeling of renewable gas storage and production resources in predictive models
  • Carry out predictive multi-energy studies looking forward to 2050
Key drivers
Looking ahead to 2030
  • Make projections of heating demand in the commercial and industrial sectors
  • Build multi-sector demand scenarios to fuel predictive studies
  • Refine the production resources for new gases in the JRC-EU-TIMES model
  • Couple the TIMES long-term investment model and the ANTARES supply-demand balance model
  • Conduct predictive multi-energy studies looking ahead to 2050
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