Develop new materials, monitoring systems and construction technologies

“Limit damage to structures to guarantee safety, improve monitoring systems to limit costs, optimize pipeline laying costs.”

(Carine Lacroix, Program Coordinator)

Contact: Michel HARDY .

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  • Guarantee the safety of GRTgaz’s structures during third-party work
  • Improve surveillance systems while lowering monitoring costs
  • Optimize pipeline detection techniques
  • Optimize the pre-work and work phase
  • Optimize the operating lifetime of the structures
Major challenges
  • Surveillance of the gas pipeline Right Of Way
  • Pipeline detection and prevention of damage to pipelines
  • New materials (polyamide, composite) and new coatings
  • Optimize the pre-work phase
  • Identify new monitoring techniques and test them
  • Develop data processing algorithms
  • Develop new pipeline detectors
  • Go on improving RAMCES software
  • Identify and test new materials
  • Develop new construction technologies
Key drivers
Looking ahead to 2030
  • Have available automated surveillance systems, which will be drivers for improving financial performance and the environmental footprint, in addition to the traditional methods
  • Develop technological building blocks for augmented reality viewing of the pipelines on a tablet in
    areas not covered by GPS
  • Identify technologies for limiting damage to structures during works near pipelines
  • Optimize the pre-work phase by improving RAMCES software features
  • Test composite pipelines to diversify GRTgaz’s connection offering
  • Optimize the operating lifetime of the pipelines by rehabilitating the pipelines
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