Develop new working methods and organizations

“While technical expertise remains the bedrock of our performance, our company must also be able to rely on robust and flexible organizations and methods.”

(Romuald Perinet, Program Coordinator)

Contact: Michel HARDY .

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  • Successfully transform the company in support of its sustainable performance
  • Control new risks induced by infrastructure and service developments
  • Continue to improve employee health, safety, skills and well-being
Major challenges
  • Organizational changes, projects/new technologies, digital techniques.
  • Management, procedures, training, skills, experience feedback…
  • Health and safety of people and facilities, quality of work life at the workplace…
  • Develop agility and facilitate the transformation of management, practices and the enterprise
  • Reinforce the positive contribution of people and organisations to the safety of our facilities and systems
  • Improve the health and safety conditions of our activities and the ergonomy of our work systems
Key drivers
Looking ahead to 2030
  • Continue RICE’s work in the field of instructional design related to behavioural, organizational and safety issues
  • Change the culture of the staff as well as the mindset and practices of tomorrow’s managers, in line with the leading-edge values of the enterprise
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