• Industrial security
  • Energy transition
  • Operational excellence


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RICE illuminates the future by providing technical solutions to meet the needs of energy players.

We conduct expertise and research activities to remove technological locks and accelerate the energy transition.

Our ambition:

  • to support the energy transition and make carbon-neutral, connected and efficient gas infrastructures
  • meet the challenges of tomorrow’s multi-energy world
  • innovate, imagine, test and experiment with bold and safe new solutions for our current and future customers

RICE is a centre for applied research more than basic research. We don’t just bring ideas, file patents; we go all the way to the solution, ready to be industrialized.

While our action is strongly impacted by the challenges of the energy transition, we remain fully engaged on the “historic” issues of infrastructure managers – transport, distribution, storage and terminals.

Our 5 programs within 3 R&D&I areas

In order to ensure its strategic autonomy and in particular to play a leading role in the development of new sectors, RICE has set up programmes that focus its research, development and innovation activities on the medium/long term and set its course in three main areas: Industrial Security, Energy Transition and Operational Excellence.

This vision is enriched by a constant monitoring in all areas of expertise related to the gas sector, which allows RICE to anticipate the needs of the various players and advise them on changes in the state of the art or regulations.

To learn more about each of RICE’s research programs, explore the links below