RICE is a gem with cutting-edge skills in gas- and gas infrastructure-related issues. Our ambition: create value for our customers through innovation, expertise and the supply of new solutions, validated in our laboratories and test benches and by means of our computing and modelling platforms.

We do not do basic R&D. We simply bring ideas and file patents; we go up to the solution, ready to go into industrial production.

Although our action is heavily impacted by the energy transition challenges, we remain fully mobilised on the “historic” issues of the infrastructure operators – transmission, distribution, storage and terminals.

If our action is strongly impacted by the challenges of the energy transition, we remain fully mobilized on the “historic” challenges of infrastructure managers – transport, distribution, storage and terminals.

Our 13 programmes groupes into 3 R&D&I areas

To ensure its strategic autonomy and especially exert a driving role in the development of new sectors, RICE has provided itself with programmes which direct its research, development and innovation activity in the medium/long term and set its course in three main focus areas:
Broken down into road maps, this approach is enriched by on-going technology watch in all areas of competence related to the gas industry, enabling RICE to anticipate the needs of the actors and advise them on the changes in the state of the art or regulations.

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