Management and optimization of industrial assets

The challenges

The challenge of operational performance and industrial asset management is to make network management ever more flexible and efficient, while guaranteeing a very high level of reliability, safety, availability and dependability. It is also about preparing the network of tomorrow, which meets the challenges of the energy and ecological transition, while guiding investment choices and maintenance policies. One of the drivers is the optimization of the maintenance policy, which is based on experience feedback and modelling of structures and installations.

RICE’s expertise in the dependability field covers:

  • the development of methods and tools related to the maintenance and operation of networks;
  • modelling of complex systems in order to optimise the maintenance of installations, in particular via preventive maintenance and CMMS;
  • functional and dysfunctional analysis;
  • risk or incident analysis;
  • taking into account human factors (individual and collective behaviour, ergonomics).
Our competencies
Our study and test means
  • Methods and tools for data processing and analysis (with Python, R…);
  • Specialized artificial intelligence software (Bayesian networks, machine learning, automatic natural language processing, etc.)
  • DataLab support within GRTgaz ;
  • Software for operational safety (fault trees, Petri nets, etc.) including specific developments carried out by RICE;
  • External (from all industries) reliability and maintenancedatabases;
  • Internalfeedback from the operation and maintenance of millions of hours and assets.
Our services
  • Assessment of the ageing of assets and their residual life;
  • Evaluation of the maintenance efficiency;
  • Decision support for investment prioritization;
  • Decision support for OPEX/CAPEX trade-offs;
  • Support in strengthening human reliability practices.
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