Risk assessment

The challenges

As the priority of any operator, assessment of the risks arising from grid operation is a key factor in the societal acceptability of the industrial installations. It is also essential for compliance with the regulations and dialogue with the authorities.

This assessment involves perfect knowledge of the hazardous phenomena liable to occur, not forgetting the human factor, which plays a key role in all critical situations. The challenge is to meet all these requirements, particularly regulatory changes, by anticipating the risks while maintaining a good economic performance level.

RICE has recognised expertise in industrial safety and risk assessment:
• Knowledge of gas-related hazardous phenomena (explosion, ignition, gas migration into the soil)
• Control of tools and methods for modeling and calculating the consequences of their occurrence;
• Control of Technical Human and Organisational Risks
• Tracking of current or emerging personnel safety regulations.


Our competencies
Our study and test means

Developed since 1990 by RICE, the PERSEE+ software tool and its module GNL form a unique platform for calculating the consequences of an accidental natural gas, hydrogen and LNG discharge into the environment. Rapid, precise et ergonomic, PERSEE+ is being continuously improved in close coordination with the users.

Our services
  • Modeling of accident scenarios and evaluation of hazard distances.
  • Third- party review and technical assistance in the conduct of hazard studies.
  • Awareness training in the inclusion of Human and Organisational Factors (HOF) in risk prevention.
  • Human and Organisational Factors (HOF) diagnostic.
  • Analysis of accident events in connection with grid servicing.
  • Analysis and implementation of experience feedback to evaluate the reliability and safety of the installations (incident data, computer-assisted maintenance management, GIS, etc.).
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