Gas detection

The challenges

The safety of goods and people is a key issue for energy operators. This imperative is based on the ability to prevent incidents, assess their risks and respond appropriately to incidents. when they occur. The first link in the chain is the implementation of the most effective gas leak detection technologies, and detection strategies tailored to each case.

  • Composition and properties of gases (explosiveness and other physical properties).
  • Detector technologies, especially optical technologies.
  • Control of the installation of the detection equipment.
  • Equipment evaluation and qualification.

Related skills: gas quality.

Our competencies
Our study and test means
  • Test bench for gas detectors and analyzers.
  • Mass spectrometers (isotopic analysis).
  • Gas test platform (Alfortville).
Our services
  • Calibration and qualification of detectors.
  • Recommendation of the detection strategy.
  • Conducting expert assessments following equipment damage, whether or not as part of a dispute with a supplier.
  • Conducting tests that replicate the migration of gas into the soil.
  • Development of new equipment, new technologies – Odorization.
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