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Maxime Lecchi, Program Coordinator

Maxime Lecchi coordinates the “Ensure The Integrity of Infrastructures” program. An engineer by training, he specializes in structures and materials.

His journey...

An engineer with a diploma from ESTACA, Maxime began his professional career in the automotive industry.

About ten years ago, he chose to move towards the world of energy, gas transport in particular, and joined the historic research and development center of the gas industry in France from which RICE emerged. Since then, he has devoted himself to many research projects related to issues such as pipeline inspection, the development of drones, robotics, etc.

His role at RICE

Today, he specializes in infrastructure integrity. As part of RICE’s Research and Development roadmap, he coordinates the “Ensure Infrastructure Integrity” programme, which aims to provide operational teams of transport and distribution operators with the optimal means to ensure that the networks retain their qualities and can, among other things, welcome new gases as part of the energy transition.

His mission as coordinator is essentially to make the work of RICE experts more visible, to show how their work creates values and is part of a strategic vision to prepare the future of gas networks.

In a nutshell... The tasks of the program coordinator

At RICE, the mission of the program coordinator is to fit the actions undertaken by our experts within a strategic vision, in order to give them ever-higher visibility and show how they create value for our company and its customers.

The keystone of this mission is the research and development roadmap, which sets out the major issues or objectives to be achieved and links them, in detail, to the work involved. Over time, the coordinator leads the teams, oversees the progress of the program and reports on the progress status of the various research projects.

A key role in the development of the service and solution offering that RICE is providing to its customers.

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