RAMCES Pléiade

Background and issues

Accessible from a web service, this Expert Software Platform for Engineering and Operator Decision Support (PLEIADE) is used to conduct acceptability studies based on simple input data from pipelines with secondary loads, provide information on excavation methods or access pipe-laying design tools.


  • Conduct of acceptability studies
  • Pipe-laying design support
  • Sale of the RAMCES Pléiade licence

Our added value

  • RAMCES Pléiadespeeds up in-house acceptability studies and provides a tailor-made tool for Carriers
  • The implementation of physical models has been validated with numerous digital and/or test campaigns
  • The validity ranges of the models are clearly identified and are constantly evolving
  • The tool has beencross-checked many times to standards and/or requirements
  • The citation of regulatory references in the tool facilitates the use of the results

Users and scope of use

  • Developed with the support of the technical department of GRTgaz
  • International experts: Pierre Habib, François Schlosser and Alain Pecker
  • 50+ users in Europe (Teréga, Air Liquide ...)