PipRep is a decision support software designed to identify repair techniques compatible with defects detected on the transmission network.

Background and issues

The repairability of a defect detected on the gas transmission network is crucial for pipeline integrity. PipRep software allows the user to identify the most suitable repair method, according to the characteristics of the defect and the operational constraints. The software has been developed from field OEF and R&D works.


  • Sale of the PipRep software license
  • Ad-hoc studies on the repairability of specific defects

Our added value

  • Leveraging of the GRTgaz field OEF and laboratory tests carried out by RICE
  • Repairability of metal loss type defects (such as corrosion or grinding defects) to optimize bursting and fatigue strength
  • Calculation of the installation pressure of ClockSpring® composite repair to ensure its efficiency

Users and scope of use

Integrity engineer. Technical requirements:
  • Knowledge of typical behaviors of potential defects on the network
  • Knowledge of the conditions under which different repair techniques are installed and used
  • Diagnosis and repair are based on rules collected in a public document, the ARD (Analysis and Repair of Defects) Code, which has been authorised for use by the administrative authorities. The code covers the following main methodologies: validation of the fault analysis criteria, qualification of the repair techniques, operational implementation of the analysis criteria and the fault repair techniques. All faults and defects are systematically defined and their sizes are compared with the corresponding analysis.