Running on Android mobile and a centralized server, the Moovilys platform is a field tool that helps you automatically create standardized reports with detailed photos, based on inspections of infrastructures.

Background and issues

Every employee in the field can take photos and qualify them easily. A report file, with support from photos, is generated without any effort or adjustment in the office by the employee. The file goes straight back to a centralized server.


  • Creation of standardised inspection reports on request
  • Marketing of the Moovilys licence

Our added value

  • The solution adapts to your business context
  • Mobiles interface with remote photography equipment (video cameras/digital cameras)
  • The format of the inspection reports is standardised
  • Inspection walkarounds of each structure are historized
  • Reports are automatic, stored immediately on the central platform and accessible from anywhere

Users and scope of use

Contractors with infrastructure that need to be inspected regularly, with generation of inspection reports and visual illustrations.