Background and issues

Knowledge of certain physical quantities such as viscosity (forecasting pressure drops), Gross Calorific Value (combustion), specific gravity (flows), liquefaction domains... is necessary for the management of a gas network or the optimized use of natural gas as a fuel or raw material. Gaspack allows these calculations according to the composition and conditions of use (pressure, temperature). Several reference methods are available for comparison. Gaspack allows the following calculations :
  • Calculations of various physical quantities: compressibility factor, specific gravity, viscosity, GCV, calorific coefficients
  • Two-phase calculations: flash, bubble point / dew point, phase envelope
  • Application calculations: water dew point, hydrate formation, methane number...
  • Use of different reference methods: GERG88, GERG2004, AGA8, K75, PR, SRK...


  • Calculation of physical quantities applicable to a situation and provision of reference methods for comparison ;
  • Sale of the Gaspack license

Our added value

Gaspack brings together in one tool:
  • All useful physical quantities in the gas industry (network operators and users)
  • All reference methods

Users and scope of use

Companies in the oil and gas sector and those with gas-using processes

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