Background and issues

The GADline software tool is used to reach a decision on the acceptability of the defects detected and sized on a gas transmission pipeline, on the basis of the mechanical strength criteria in the GAD (Defect Analysis Guide); it is thus a decision-support software program for the maintenance of infrastructures. Specifically, the GADline software is used to analyze:
  • The acceptability of anomalies (corrosion, scratches, geometric deformations, combined defects, etc.) found during a piston-based inspection or after an on-site characterization;
  • Time-dependent changes in the acceptability of the corrosion indications vs. the kinetics of the phenomenon.


  • Assistance in building a maintenance program
  • Studies on defect changes between two inspections
  • Sale of the GADline license

Our added value

GADline is a tool that integrates all the criteria of the "Defect Analysis Guide" and allows:
  • Direct import of the data files generated by the instrumented pistons to quickly process a large number of indications;
  • The building of a maintenance program (excavation programs);
  • Studies on defect changes between two inspections.

Users and scope of use

Engineers responsible for pipeline integrity