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Dairo Ballestas Castro, Program Coordinator

Dairo Ballestas Castro coordinates the “Preparing networks for the arrival of the new gases” program. Author of a thesis on microwave catalytic reactors, he is a doctor of Process Engineering.

Upon obtaining his doctorate, he turned to the world of energy, starting with the oil sector. There, he worked on the separation of the constituents of crude oil into refined oil and other fluids, gas and liquids, and also conducted studies on equipment calculations for refineries.

Over the course of his career, Dairo also conducted four-generation experiments for the production of water vapour, heat, cold water and electricity, as well as food CO2.

In 2013, as a detection research engineer, he joined the team he now leads as coordinator of the “Preparing Networks for the new gases” program. At the same time, he became interested in issues related to the quality and analysis of gases and, in 2017, took over the management of this work.

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