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Report 2019: Technical and economic conditions for hydrogen injection into natural gas networks

The work carried out by the French operators shows that it is possible to integrate a significant volume of hydrogen into the gas mix by 2050 with limited costs of adapting infrastructure. This integration involves the coordinated use of the solutions of mixing, methanization and deployment of 100% hydrogen clusters on certain mesh by converting works or creating new networks.

This report:

  • Recalls the value of natural gas infrastructure to support the development of the hydrogen sector,
  • Presents a list of 10 levers, 3 of which are identified as priorities by operators to prepare gas systems for the integration of hydrogen and synthetic methane,
  • Gives back the main conclusions of a technical and economic study conducted by French infrastructure operators on the integration of hydrogen in networks,
  • Presents the major research and development structuring axes retained by operators,
  • Recalls the main technical issues related to the integration of hydrogen into the networks.
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