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And then… the mobile reverse-flow station will be up and running.

For reasons of agility, adaptability or speed of operation, RICE is developing a mobile reverse-flow station solution. While this solution, which is comprehensive and compact, will allow the reverse-flow solution to be deployed even more widely and thus encourage the production of biomethane, its development is a real technological challenge.

Similar to the “conventional” station in its functions, the mobile reverse-flow station will have to be a combination of compressor, gas quality controller and metering tool. But it is through the particularly innovative conditions of its commissioning that it will offer great opportunities.

Some sites, whose activity cannot justify the use of a permanent station, may nonetheless require a reverse-flow solution on an as-needed basis. A mobile tool will meet this requirement and streamline, on a large scale, the resources allocated.

What to do if a static unit fails? This solution will replace the defective items, pending their repair.

Finally, on some production sites, a mobile solution may precede investment in a fixed station or anticipate its effects during the construction phase.

RICE has launched a technical/economic study to assess the feasibility of the project. It aims to determine whether it is possible to integrate all the necessary “building blocks” into a mobile solution. The objective is, of course, to have the same level of technical performance as expected from a fixed station.

The whole package will also have to be transportable on board a single semi-trailer, so that it can also access a very large number of sites, often in rural areas and away from major road networks. Above all, no special convoys.

Great news: our Experts at Alfortville are claiming that the solution is near!

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